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Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day! While today actually commemorates George Washington’s birthday, it’s as good a time as any to acknowledge the work of all U.S. presidents, past and present. No matter your political affiliation, join us in thanking all of our past presidents for their service as Commander in Chief. If you have the day off school or work, enjoy the long weekend, and to everyone else, we hope you enjoy the holiday anyway! Happy Presidents Day, from your friends at Auto Check Plus in Abilene.

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Fleet services

We know how important your fleet is to your business. That's why we always guarantee fast and efficient automotive services at Autocheck Plus. We have plenty of space to work on all size fleet vehicles and our technicians are standing by ready to get under the hood. Trust Autocheck Plus to get you and your business back on the road. 

Lights on?

The light on you dash may be indicating “service”, “service engine” or “Maintenance required”. It’s an indicator that you’re getting close to a scheduled maintenance interval. On some cars it’s as simple as counting miles before it comes on, while on others it maps engine temperatures, oil temperatures, air temperatures and other indicators of probable stress. If your check engien light is on give us a call or stop by and our technicians will get right to the source of the problem, you can rely on Autocheck Plus for all your automotive needs. 

Trusted repairs at Autocheck Plus

If you are looking for an auto repair shop that you can trust. Look no further because Autocheck Plus is the shop for you. Over the years we have developed into the premier auto repair shop in Abilene and the surrounding area. Whether you're a longtime customer or just someone needing a few repairs done. We always strive to provide outstanding customer service & dependable, timely car repairs that are done right the first time. 

Where we're going we don't need roads

We may not have a Flux Capacitor but we can keep your vehicle running for a long time! We have just the right tools to solve any issues your vehicle may be facing, besides time travel. We have been serving the Abilene Texas area since 1990. Over the years we have developed into the premier auto repair shop, whether you're a longtime customer or just someone needing a few repairs. Come into Autocheck Plus and let us diagnose your vehicle. Don't let small problems lead to expensive repairs, come visit our shop today.

Auto Check Plus

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